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Ground levelling

For impeccable ground levelling work

Ground levelling
On the South Shore of Montreal and its surroundings

Equalizing the ground to make it flat (or sloping, depending on the different needs), land levelling is necessary for the successful realization of various landscaping works, such as the installation of a new inground pool, the enlargement of a parking lot, the installation of turf, or the construction of paving stone garage entrances, to name but a few.

Ground levelling

Ground levelling to correct negative slopes

Ground levelling is also used to fill holes, correct negative slopes and flatten portions of land to facilitate the installation of various materials and the construction of structures such as garden and retaining walls. In short, ground levelling has multiple functions, and whatever your needs, our experts will be able to satisfy them

Turn-key landscaping services

Offering turnkey landscaping services for individuals and businesses, we assist you in your land levelling project from A to Z. During our ground levelling work, we make sure to respect your criteria and technical specifications and prepare the ground so that it is as efficient as possible to let the water flow naturally.

We also have equipment and workforce to excavate the soil, even in the smallest places, and are able to offer you all the excavation and landscaping services necessary for the successful completion of your project.

Ground levelling

Excellent after-sales service

Accustomed to working with all ground sizes and configurations (difficult access, commercial land, etc.), we work precisely and meticulously so as not to affect the existing infrastructures during our ground levelling work. We offer excellent after-sales service and are renowned for the great durability of our work.



To learn more about our ground levelling services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our landscapers serve the regions of the South Shore of Montreal, Longueuil, Boucherville, Sainte-Julie and many more.

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